b. 1986, HK.

Jordan Timlake

Jordan Timlake is a marketing consultant, makeup artist, and creative director, working to bring exposure to small brands through content production, media management, and design. Before starting her family run business Transpondex LLC, Jordan designed and produced a clothing line Heron Lake, which sold successfully in boutiques throughout the greater Seattle area and online. She now brings her grassroots marketing ethos to her consulting and design agency, working closely alongside her clients to translate their story into a market-ready brand strategy.

When she’s not designing a website, creating brand collateral, or consulting with clients, she’s probably busy swatching every single eyeshadow at Sephora or hiking the mountains that surround her home in Seattle.

Jordan is passionate about helping business owners connect with individuals to develop lasting connections. Jordan is now available for initial consultations and can be reached by email at jordan@transpondex.com

Jordan is now booking for January 2019. To view a selection of recent work and download a pdf rate sheet, please click here.